On the Wisps Of Silence

On the wisp of the silent wind my thoughts of you carried deep into the longing heart.

Where would you be but only a memory. Long distant left upon the barren land that this heart occupies now. Long since cast from our planetary home I remember the last look upon your face. A tear shed as I disappeared through the portal. Heart screaming as the last touch of your fingertips felt. O how my heart bleeds in the longing to feel your touch. What must you think of me in the choice I made to leave. How your face etched the pain you so willing hid from me. Across this cosmic realm I have travelled battled through portals to find my way home. Back to your heart is where I belong.

O my sweet only the image of your face remains locked deep within my mind.

Your voice carried on the wind tells me that you think different o how it worries me so.

Where my mind dwells upon the realms of age,

Silent this heart on the silken threads that is her mind

Cut but one and the tremor of fracture is revealed

Upon the precipice of time she stands

In the cosmic force that is

From the central sun she walks

Remembrance her mission

To understand her goal

Forever your I always was and always will beWithin the star portal I wait

For my heart will only ever beat for you

Cruel by design this life forced to be led

And ache deep within

Cry out as loud as I can

Only no voice is brought forth

What twist of fate that you should be

So close but yet so far

How the stars that shine down and the moon smiles

A mockery on the heart still forlorn

Never did my heart leave your side

Forever it will be with you

But truely ask as the wave of time

Creates the crossing of the parallel paths

And there you shall find me waiting for you

In the misty realm where I dwell

My heart bleeds every day

To know you are within reach

A cry upon the wind cast

How my being aches for you

But cast into the realm I have been

Told not to seek you

Walls like steel bars clink and block

My way to you told to walk away

Where you dwell I cannot follow

But my heart aches to feel your touch

Break these chains that hold me here

That make you feel as though I no longer care

My actions hide the pain that i am forced to bear

Of you not in my arms

How I long to feel your touch

Out of reach you feel

O come to me my sweet and take my heart

For it always was and always is yours

You hold the key

I am lost without you

On journeys end to a place that time forgot, heard on the winds of ages. Does my heart beat its lonely rythm. Where there once was the essence of you now only a memory cast within my heart. To touch the very flesh that aching body craves. I pray to Goddess Moon to grant me that one moment. To look up on the eyes of time and hold you again as we once did.

~ by turukai on October 3, 2011.

3 Responses to “On the Wisps Of Silence”

  1. Your are always the figure of an angel. I don’t forgive you.

  2. Hah what does he know..Like a phoenix rising from the ashes we built ourselves in the face of those who repressed us and broke us and came out stronger.. fighting warriors in eternal unions of a likened minds,It seems the way of Raven’s is to bring our self out from the midst of the torment and become our own beacon of light and spreading it to the darkness..

    • he knows more than the sum of all things, yet failed to see the rising onces cast light beyond the shadows of doubt. Fearless and strong in their resolve they forged forward past the meek cowering below the fury of his soul. So traveled again through dark light, light dark back to light is the path of the irridencent winged ones!

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