Release Me

Mould me fold me intricately woven

From eyes of fire steely looks so stolen

Of grace and fire etched upon thy face

How sweet this touch that stole this space

Fingertips trace upon skill so willing

Goosebumps shudders feelings so filling

Skin so tempting how it I shield

The feelings inside so very concealed

Bodies mashed is sweet desire

Only fuelled by passions fire

Melded twisting touch so pure

Endless waves there is no cure

Passionate embraces relentless still

Break down my walls and take my will

Surrender my body to you I do

Only the touch of sweet tongues through

Quench this thirst that wells within

Of others eyes judged as sin

What is left the fury of passion

Face of longing now only ashen

Only the touch of your sweet caress

Will release within the secrets of this dress

Release upon the winds of mist

O how sweet the touch I cannot resist

Liquid pleasure so ensues

Of anticipated hardness holds no dues

Touch the softness within

Collapse into you I do with pleasured grin

Breath so willingly given

O my release me from this prison



The Mirror

Where the shadows never sleep and the sun has caught no glimpse awaits my gasping flesh anticipating your intoxicating touch, shivering in the absence of the warm breath you breathe. My tongue, swollen and tired of calling out for you, longs to dance with your blessed saliva; an infectious flavor of certain ambrosia that entrances my thoughts.
You, half shy of your own beauty, have sought the skies from my soaring words. I can tell you now, hoping your ears could come closer for a better listen, that my wings have rested here, in the shade, to await your arrival… to a place I am certain you shall find.
Here there is room for certainty, we can be certain the sky shall fall upon us, and without a shadow of a doubt it will fall upon us both while we rests in each others arms. That bright sky with open arms will share its ecstasy and crush us both under the immense pressure of pleasure.
So come on swift feet my love of unseen heights, descend into a safe place, a soft spot in me, and we shall pass the night in daydreams
.Come, sleep among the crows in a nomadic nest of burning feathers. Sleep as though you’ve no eyes to see, nor the numb soul to soothe. Wake only for the moon and the nightshade sigh, unhinged and silent night. I weep with lids shut and know no light, for the sun aches for your absence— oh tired son of morning stars. Walk among your dreams and lay with the fare farewell party of womyn you once knew. Bless the sheets with your nudity and hold tight the secret of your hushed kiss in a grasp of midnight—Tell me something more than what you tried to hide,If you can’t find yourself,then how can I expect to find you, But look no further than the hands beneath your arms.If you can’t hold yourself together,why should I hold you now? So now Im the critic and you figured you finally found a place of your own amongst the cold and timid souls out of my reach,take these hands and turn them into weapons,change these plans and make them into your’s,take this man and turn his sight from demons all I am is wanting you more,Ive now become your muse I see this now & I see what’s been hidden inside of me.



The Mirror


Infinite words of I love you fall softly upon ears that listen,

Carried by the winds of the night,

Weave their path inside my mind.

How sweet the touch that softly caresses my sleeping skin.

How fingers grip the sheets when I feel your will.

Gently force a path into the body that so desires the touch.

But for one thought that appears so softly caressing,

The gentle nudge that reminds me of your lips.

The words so eloquently held inside,

Only the sweet moulded caress of my tongue that you should feel.

O those words that I have held so infinitely close

To a heart that shied away

That which so willingly falls upon silent embrace,

Only the return of the embrace that you feel betrays the words shielded,

Hear now the words so needed to be said

Beyond time and space easily fall from those tender lips that embrace





~ by turukai on October 3, 2011.

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