Shifting Sands of Visions

Shifting sands the ivory keys twinkle in the moonlight

What is the sands that fall through my fingers

But endless stars thousands to pool upon the ground

Sparks of endless light

Did we cast ourselves within this realm

Held by a promise that we shall return

I watched from clouds upon high

My soul twisted turning as it churned

Spiralling down into this cosmic realm

If I chose now what I chose when I signed my name

Upon the cast parchment as my blood welled and released

I would chose not to fall

Azaziel whispered soft promises upon innocent ears

But it was not he that chose

It was I

In blood I gave, of flesh I ate

The treasures of humanity lay before me

To feel with open heart, to bleed with veins

Carried not blue blood of the stars but ran red

Red as the very soil upon the earth

Glistening and if you looked black as the universal sky

So shed wings fallen they fell, I fell Let go they said

The willing flesh so desired so relinquished so warm tender loving

Embraced thee in feathers of love

Blood oath sweet surrender

Did I not see

Cast now to walk this plain of existence the rescuer of souls

Shall I hold their feet as their hearts open and they return

Return they shall to where I cannot

So I watch as they float upon the warm currents of love

Returning individual white ballons

From whence they came

For they are the innocents

Whilst the Fallen Ones remain

Till the very end they shall remain



~ by turukai on October 3, 2011.

2 Responses to “Shifting Sands of Visions”

  1. My first visit – I like your blog site very much. I find it calmer than your TI homepage, which just bombs me with so much energy I can’t stay on it long.
    Your writing has a stream of consciousness feel and your syntax is reminiscent of some metaphysical poets I have read. Unmistakeably you though Turu. Singularity. No other voice like it. No other light like it.
    Nigel Shabanezer

    • Im glad you like it. Here the writting shall speak as my TI page is my essence.
      You mean there are others ??? Please direct me so that I can see that I am not alone!
      Namaste Nigel and thank you.

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