Ancient Realms

What is it but in ancient realms

Does the fire entwine and consume

Upon the golden chalice liquid taken

Promised to return on everlasting rays

Of loves promise

Down through the depths of portal darkness

The black hole of awareness cast

Only to be brought back in heaving embrace

Blue fire heart Red Fire night

Golden eyes of amber hues flicker

Breath bares heavy upon my exposed flesh

Will this chasm upon this wheel of consciousness

Ever close or does this mortal realm again

Bare promise to cast the weary soul into the infinite

Call not thee for already present is the love

That bleeds upon the steps of stone

As within ages endless twisted turnings

Reach the hand that softens with your touch

And relinquish the tormented heart that exists

Release the bound realm that is your reality

And cast yourself upon the spiral of consciousness

Return to the golden hues that once caressed your skin

See that we are unchanged when standing in the truth of what is

Adiounus achnut et

Tutai fre ghiluh anun

Ashuk aut adinum

Speak now the words that cast aside the wall

That stands between



~ by turukai on October 7, 2011.

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