Seek Me Not

Profess thee your love for within your heart is the truth

Taketh away all that you see

Stripped naked and bare upon passions floor

I remain

Grasping clutching deep soul pain

That ripples through my entire body

No comfort exists where loves sweet kiss

Once burned upon my parted lips

Held high upon the cosmic realm

On iridescent wings you did soar

O my love How I watched

Tears of joy streamed down

But yet you cast all that is
Deep into the well of shadows

Doubting even the truest of hearts

What foul words have been said to take your trust

To cast me aside akin to ripped parchment

What darkness beseeches your soul

That whispers of love no longer ignite

A hunger within you

How my soul burns and tears at the very coil

Lost upon the threads of time

Cast aside

Rippling laughter fills my ears
Fall my sweet down down into the dark you go

For down there is where I cannot

But watch upon the cliffs edge

As your misty shadow swirls far from me

Hand outstreatched holding on to the thread

That once entwined within my heart

Self doubt and loathing cast upon my face

As your eyes turn to angry slits of doubt

Seek me not again o my love
For I cannot bare to loose you once more

If happiness is but gained with out you

Then so be it

Upon the ocean tide forever my tear will fall

As the moon casts a shimmering glow

For alone upon this earth I shall dwell

If my heart cannot hold you once more

Continue upon my path I shall

Always was is and shall be

That your mind and heart are moulded with mine

Go now my love be free

For I shall no longer  seek thee



~ by turukai on October 7, 2011.

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