Shadows of the Soul

Shadows fall in the darkened caverns

Where only the illuminated eyes can be seen

Shifted not but for the moonlit gaze

If not for the sound of the beating heart

Would one think they did not exist

Smile upon the fallen soul that walks

This path of troubled angst

Through the barriers of darkened woe

Does this love cross through galactic realms

Should one not see the heart that stands

Silent but steadfast in the path it must take

On the cries of the gilded angels

Light casts and eerie glow though chasms

“Id hedium anu hanaou tsubeth”

Calls into the night are endlessly heard

Through infinite portals is the light cast

Awaken to the heart within and see

That although travelled the path alone

Should the seeker reach

The pillar of their own self

Will the shadows fall away from thine eye

Into the realm of consciousness ignite

The truth path of the soul



~ by turukai on October 7, 2011.

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