Standing on the Outside _ Vision

Emotionally weary, no comfort found when eyes were closed. Searing tears still welling in eyes that cannot see anymore. No arms locked around me for no physical comfort desired. When this emotional wave takes over one teeters on the edge of sanity and insanity. Fear grips the heart as I think the last time I felt like this I was taken and shown more than I would have chosen to see. Then as the images cross across my closed eyelids again fear grips me and I think, why is it everytime I go through emotional upheaval and feel like the world has gone silent towards me that I see so much.

New faces cross before my eyes, showing me that there are more souls that will be connecting with me in the near future, but no comfort through the emotionally weary state so I brush them aside squeezing more tears from this weary heart.

Restless turnings finally leads to sleep, don’t really remember the point of entry but I certainly do remember the point of exist.

In a dome I find myself on top of a building teetering close to the edge below me water and dolphins giggling up at me, before me across the water in my colours what looks like a rollercoaster, only the carts were shaped like my avatar. Fear of being on the edge gripped me the water trying to draw me in. In hindsight I probably should have jumped for I am sure it would have been better than what was about to beset me.

On a vast expanse of land I stand mesmerised by the craft that is above me, watching shuttles enter and exit. Down I look and see my beloved Cat Jasper who left the world 12 months before, purring contently. Patting his head now I return my gaze to the sky, this time a voice enters my head, it was not a voice I had ever heard before. The words seared through my mind in realisation, “When you see the containers blink into existence you will know the veil is falling and the beginning of the end has begun, we cannot provide grantee that you family will be safe but you will save your brother.

It was then over the blue sky I cast my gaze and the containers began propelling themselves to earth, people screaming running in all directions, one of the containers slammed into the earth near me spraying me with dirt, and still Jasper purred. I began to run, fast towards the apartment block. As I ran others were running with me. Children adults, inside we ran there was no power. I remembered the words, returning now I ran up the stairs outside again to see my brother running towards me. I screamed at him to run, as he past me, one more glance  was taken at the containers.

Then I saw it, Black winged screetchies, glistening their appendages shiny black stick like, attaching themselves to those who remain outside. Out of the depths of the caverns created by the containers shielded dragons rose. I ran into the the building only the thoughts of gathering everyone left and protecting them. Keeping the screetchies away from them my only desire. Familiars appeared everywhere attached to their human. The fear in my brothers eyes as I told him that this was what I had always told him would happen.

I woke with a sense of despair, knowing that what will grip humanity will take them to the very edge of their sanity. The new children of the age will not see this blissfully unaware for they will already be through the veil. The 16 to 26 year olds will watch this helpless, lost in their own emotion, and suicide will be the only peace for those who cannot cope and are over taken. Then there are those set here to walk this path between the veil and try to do what they were sent here for shift the fear.


~ by turukai on October 9, 2011.

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