The Great Dreaming

In the great dreaming of my mind, I sat before the fire. I felt Great Spirit speak to my heart. He told me of what was to come, what was to be, and all the while he told me to listen for her cries.

Through the passage of time I walked, many lifetimes came and went, and with each last breath I took and soared on eagle wings that took me back to my father, he always said not now dear. With comforting arms he embraced my heart and said wait child the time will come. Again with the flash of light I awake to a new world that lay before me. Lessons learnt a life lived and still my question had remained unanswered. But each time the Great Father gives me a gift from the Great Mother. She speaks to me through the dirt I walk on, she gives me life through the gifts she bears, and each time I give thanks. She gives me eyes in the sky and when my own legs too tired to carry me she sends forth a companion to carry me across the land. Each aeon passes and each time she provides me with gifts.

Set forth upon her skin a man like no other white in comparison, wings of black but still my heart yields. Great Father says to me be careful child for this will take you away from Great Mother and in this union you shall see the hearts of man laid bare upon her flesh. She will cry and you will know the coming of the great darkness. Another last breath taken and again I set forth upon wings of the eagle to sit at my Fathers feet waiting till the gentle nudge of his hand sends me spiralling down to the spark of life.

My heart cry’s this time for how many more times must I walk upon this land to understand that the thoughts of man to come would forget the skin that he walks upon. That this time man would think he was sustaining Great Mother but inside she would rage against him. She would peacefully set forth her rage in an effort to shudder his heart but he would not see.  So in the time of Iron I walked, her flesh torn by the stakes placed within her. Her womb ripped open by the experimental blasts, only Great Mother sat quietly as I screamed, clawing my hands upon her flesh I screamed, I tore chunks out of her, and to sooth me she sent rain, then she sent a mist. Through the mist the Raven came, squawking sitting before me. My friends who walked on four’s sat behind me for they knew this time was to come. With shimmering black, eyes golden penetrating through, trickery the Raven gave, riddles that confused some but within me gave me comfort in my heart . Where I thought Great Mother was deaf Raven showed me what Mother was doing. For every bind the men placed upon her, for every scar she bore, Raven said “Mother is waiting”

In the arms of the love Great Mother gave me to settle my soul I took my last breath and told Raven to stay with him through the eons of time, for she had taught me much, for I know now it was for me to remember. I sat with Great Father again and he showed me all that I needed to know, he showed me how Great Mother would shudder shake and rattle away the binds that keep her. And as she did this Great Father showed me Fear in the eyes of men for they had forgotten the how and why. They would fall victim to their own grief. But he showed my  ancestors and those that would come before me, for they would be the way showers and they would keep the truth within them. Then Great Father said to me, “Child one day the men of two tribes will come to you,  and you will remember, peace will settle over your heart. Your journey will begin in a place where you will see no out. Confusion will set upon your heart. But in one moment you will sit on the wandering lands provided to you and you will know all that you need to do. You will build a place of light for those children to come will seek your heart of light to show them how Great Mother speaks.” And again with a spark of light he sent me to a new world that was foreign to me. Where my yearnings for my tribe would become darkened pleas in the night begging for return to my fathers feet. But he would not listen this time, I would cry to Great Mother but she would only cry with me.

Then I saw the signs Great Mother began to shudder, she began to rattle, and she would cry never ending tears of grief. The storm within her grows, and by the edge of the ocean I sat and one tribe of men came to me,  I did not know who. So I waited. Today I settled upon a log and looked upon my wandering lands that Great Mother gave me and peace settled upon my heart, for as I sat and looked upon the mountain I saw the first tribe of men come to be but behind him were my ancestors. Finally they had answered my call. I remembered and know that I am here firstly to remember who I am. And I remember the journey to myself begins with the journey through the darkness and into my heart.  The wind answered by caressing my face and I knew that Great Mother was happy, and as I looked around Raven as the Crow let out a cry as she took flight, Eagle soared with her love crying to the sky, and those who walked on fours sat watching me from the corners of our wandering land knowing that the time for remembering was over and the time for doing had begun.



~ by turukai on October 9, 2011.

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