The Initiate

Twelve years had past from whence she left her home, with the Priestess’ she was told she must be. Summoned to the great hall she walked, her bare feet finding no comfort on the cold stones. Trepidation filled her heart as she entered, those who had become her sisters stood lining her path. They looked ahead and did not catch her gaze. Up she looked saw the images upon the stone ceiling, it loomed above her, thoughts did not register in her mind she was free from questioning this process. Knowing that when the time came the call would come and with open heart the path would be set before thee. Three white Gowns stood before her, o how she wanted to be like them. Their hair glistened like gold threads as they caught the fire light. Golden hues reflected upon their dark skin creating the illusion that the gold they wore was black. Flowing was their gowns braced jewels upon each shoulder, O how she wanted to be like them. In unison they turned and looked down upon her, averting her eyes she knelt before them. They spoke in voices that sung deep into her heart, silent she remained as she felt her spirit soar. Speaking in words not of this world they showed her was to be done, the time had come for the final passage of her right. Fear they said was a construct of the mind and it would be wise to release that fear into the void and trust the inner guidance and their voices that she would carry with her. In the sounds sung they told her of manifestation of fear, that just as one will manifest the good in all things, if one succumbs to the fear of all things equally the greatest of them all would manifest.

Hand placed gently on her forehead another on her shoulder, rise they said. She stood strong and ready. Walking now they flanked her there was no desire to look back only the desire to face what was to come. Darkened corridors they walked a never ending maze, occasionally lit by the odd torch, down the hallway spiralled. Aware now she was of the stone stair case that stood before her, spiralling back up she walked. Unusual she thought as they reached the iron door, through a series of spiral dials the doors were unlocked. She had never seen the dials before and was confused by the codes they used to unlock them. Water she smelt as the doors unfolded before her ushered in the torch reflecting upon the small pool before her cut through the stone. A burst of fear pulsed through her, what was this she was about to do, controlling the impulse to run she stood solid between the High Priestesses that brought her here. As she looked up she did not notice that the third priestess had left her side but could now see her across the chasm of the room they were in. Swim they said down into the water, go deep feel our guidance, one breath of air you must cross the channel do not rise up where you will see light but continue into the black, down again and then rise up to be greeted by our Sister, they said. She began the breathing cycle she had been taught weights were placed upon her legs, she was told to remove one when the bottom of the pillar was reached. Do not follow the light, find the fire light.

Ready she was climbing in the water coolness crawling up her body, she continued to breath the weights on her ankles drawing her down. High Priestess looked deep within her eyes and said that she must remember not to be drawn up to the first light. This light will glow with comfort and joy but will be beset on either side by terrible things, find the darkness and follow the path of no light down deeper still, then look up and you will see the comforting glow of the sister that waits.

A final breath taken deep into her lungs, she descended out of view, darkness surrounded her. To slow her heart beat down she thought of things that made her smile. Settle the fear she must now for the journey would be long and no air would return until she reached the other side. Down she fell the pressure increasing, releasing but a tiny bubble to aid her descent. The first opening before her and as she looked about she saw the light, white bright and inviting, the words echoing in her mind she continued along the bottom the terrible things she saw, fear gripped her for but a second, fleeting her fear as she realised they payed no attention to her. The dark opening before her, she hit the wall, down remember! Burning in her lungs she resisted the temptation to follow the first light, down again she went. Crawling down upon the stones the water forcing her up to the ceiling of the tunnel, how long was this tunnel she thought. Darkness enveloped her the burning increased, with a final push she found the end, remembering to remove one weight only, she undid the tie it fell. She felt herself rise, like a bubble in pool of water set forth by a crab. Ascending now she rose above her the golden firelight glistened drawing her up. Surface near, the burning hard, and with a gasp she emerged, coughing, breathing, gasping fresh air deep into her lungs. Finally she thought, a task completed, she would now take the ranks within the fold of the High Priestess.



~ by turukai on October 9, 2011.

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