The Loss of Innocence

A heart so sweet so gentle placed upon this earth

Cannot see the dark that lurks black oil beneath the veins

Only the white mist of light throws shadows she knows not why

A game endlessly played she silently watches

Perfect faces silently flow past held high in their mystical gaze

Innocently the light beckons beneath

Through the red velvet curtains she parts so innocently

What is this world she enters of beauty mysticism and desire

Liquid ecstasy flows with every touch intricate by design

Beauty such a facet of desire and of eyes that behold

So she follows into the fold of a world that embraces the perfection

How sweet the touch of desire falls upon her skin

Delicious fantasy enacted in every kiss

Silk sheets caress every part of her body

Lips parted in bliss

Hands so tender and sweet taking sweet innocents with each touch

Breaths so sweet so hot on exposed necks like the wind in the night

Music flows through endlessly moving bodies into the flow of the beat

Sweat mixed with perfume and cologne ignites the passion of senses

Wave upon wave endless awareness lifted out of time and space

Rocking bodies flow with endless beats moving in time with base beat

Guttural this world entered of pure desire and passion unkempt

Only held at bay by the beauty in physical form

Chosen by the features of face and body

Enter the realm of beauty that holds no bounds

Breathless innocent soul begging for release

From the binds that encase

Trusting faces no longer exist with each bind placed

Only eager tempted souls a washed with crude expressions

Where did the innocent go, drawn into a world where beauty was key

Fallen the hearts of those so innocently gilded

Freight train out of control each morning comes

What terror does this morning light hold

Silent creeping the mirror a face contorted

No longer the innocent face sneaking a peak

Behind the red curtain she falters’ the weeks etched upon her face

Escape from the horror of the becoming there is no escape

Light escapes from the heart an eclipse from light to dark

Endlessly bound in a world so deep no comfort in restless sleeping

Judgements past and only tears fall

Fall silently for innocence lost betrayal of heart of mind

Silently crawls beneath the skin

Desperately clawing to get them out

No longer had the beautiful one darkened

Veins blackened and suddenly she sees

The dark that lurks black oil beneath the veins

Shaking now she seeks the kind eyes of love

This world they are not to be found

For they are wicked by design smiling through gritted teeth

No trusting souls to be found so intricately deceived



~ by turukai on October 9, 2011.

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