Ancient Love

Across time spanning ages the mist reveals

Unto me my heart beating

Silently it sits suspended within space

As I watch it embraced upon pearls of light

Seen only from my minds eye

What is this that crosses before my gaze

But yet another thread

Of passionate unity embraces my heart

Upon these threads I feel the beating

Filling my every core

For it is you my love

Through time cast down to find me again

Soft whispered words sweetly fill my ears

Taking my breath

How you entwine your light within mine

Of rapturous glory my heart beat complete

O yes my sweet for I have waited

Forsaking my true heart in anticipation of yours

Come now my dear and set yourself upon

The wind swept plain of consciousness

Arms encircle in rapturous glee

As desire fuels every core being

Fingers tenderly trace across smiling faces

Breathless words fall sweetly

Could this be really you?

For my heart your heart beats with thundering sounds

Of loves complete ray reunited

Only you have ever drawn my breath

Upon moonlite sky

Followed down through life endless love

Come now with me and soar

Upon the thread that is our destiny

For it is you that I love

And in your arms I seek to be

I wait at the gates of time for you

Again watching as your fractal light

Envelopes my heart my soul

As we become one again

Reunited upon the threads of consciousness

One liquidius light orb again



~ by turukai on October 11, 2011.

2 Responses to “Ancient Love”

  1. Words of a fractured heart traveling through time and space..
    traveling like falling star leaving pieces along the way
    as the other half feels the energy that is left simmering in time
    they are drawn to follow , connecting another piece of the Soul that was split so long ago….eventually in its own time and space, a sacred re-union
    will take place….until…..they travel in different worlds, different spaces in time….

    I always enjoy your thoughts into words….I suspect as mine you hear them on the wind that flows within your heart from the outside voices….

    Thank you Turukai this is beautiful as always….


    • Aw Maryrose, thank you for your words they lift my heart.
      The words are on the wind and indeed do flow through the heart.
      Its lovely to know that there are others that catch the silent whispers.
      Much love.

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