The realm of ultimate deception!

See ye the words across paths through desert sands

Written in the archaic scripts translated

Lost in true meaning or thought

But infinite you are confined to postulate before

False Gods

Control, fear and power is yours to but exist

For you have been deceived to believe

Belief lost in translation that you are not infinite

That the true self exists beyond your reality

Repentance the key

Crawl now upon bloodies knees and profess your devotion

How you have been deceived that the truth of the God

That you so dearly worship is uncaring unseeing

Strange request from pure loving beings

Trials cast upon you as the card dealer throws the cards

Yet can you not see that it is you that creates

Manifested realities through your own thought

See thee through the disguise that has been given

Unto you to loose yourself in external worship

When the truth of self exists within

You are a divine being held upon the grace of source

Seeded upon this planet to return unto thee

If but not for the foolish who stand against

All that is with true hearts laid bare exposed

To walk the path of ridicule and banished from thought

But yet it is these seeded souls that carry the truth

For the path back to source is guided within

See within the depths of your soul that you are the grace

Walking paths to nowhere but unto your self

Free yourself from the constructs of what is organise

And see your infinity

Postulate you do through false controlling words

And false effigies

Release yourself to your own conscious thought

And see that you are free

Be that which is the unification of soul realisation

Be not consumed by what you have herd

But follow that which your heart and soul

Guides you too your truth




~ by turukai on October 11, 2011.

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