Awaken Within

Doubt cast as if the very leaves from the oak tree would shudder

Falling leaves changing t o red and golden hues

What hope remains falls upon the ground to be consumed again

Fear not the changes that are upon your very soul

Release the faith that exists within your keys

For conscious thought you place into the ether

Manifestation of idol minds creates a sense of woe

This mind that you have been blessed with

The fractious nature of your very soul

How chemically imbalanced you have become

Upon a diet for fear and grief consumed in gluttonous proportions

Where is the silent balance of life that was gifted

Consummate upon the throne of Angels

Begotten of the fallen ones

Sure by the power within you shall see

That although limited your physical self shall remain

There is no greater path than that of the enlightened soul

You are called through the hallowed night

To reach from within to your cosmic realm

The pillars of light that draw you up

Endless grids that fall before your closed eyes

How you are called to you infinite self to connect and understand

For there is not fear than fear itself

The time is near for you to embrace

The path that is set before you

Stray but one step

And loose yourself in the tyranny of Man.

~Turukai 2011~


~ by turukai on October 18, 2011.

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