The Soul Traveller

Through this vast land of woven silken webs I travel,

The eternal watcher,

Waiting for another spark to emerge through this endless sea.

The truth held tightly within my fragile hands as I peek over the edge

Looking upon this world.

Seekers seek validation and truth releasing their hearts into the abyss,

Where the question remains what is this soul family that is spoken

At the bottom of this abyss there is nothing.

No one to catch that heart,

So floating through these times of great emotion.

It is but the profound seeker that understands that this is their journey.

Through their soul, their awareness, learning who they are by finding their own truth.

In the vast library of life there is much that is written,

Prophesies that challenge the very foundation of fear.

Be I the one that will find my truth as it is upon the pages of my Akashic records.

Will I trust truth as it falls at my feet

Sifting through the infinite wisdom that is cast upon my gaze.

Infinitely I speculate and wonder if what I see is real,

Where is the trust that born unto me

Shallow the heart that believes in the moment

The  Seeker casts the truth from the very foundations of knowledge.

Rim of fire wind and water shall the keepers speak of ole

When mortal man kept secret he truth of the beginning

Scales upon the flesh within the pillars of the sky

The breath of dragons fold fell heavy upon the necks of weakened souls

The dawning of ages of awakened glory

Did the amber eyes cast their stealy gaze upon the charcoaled plane

Held fast upon the immortal robes stained crimson

Knowledge past brought forth within the coloured parchment

Eternal the hearts of the kindred souls that chose their fate

In the fires within the cavern of the mountain realms

Hidden from sight and kept in darkness

The path of my kin travelled alone

Shall the veil of truth be revealed

Within the parchment shall the seal be relinquished

Awareness return to the light of truth


The Mirror

The soul is roaming the ancient maze…..Angelic gratulations rend the skies…however performed,it was their brightest task…and that they proceeded from a grateful heart…cleansed in thine own all purifying blood..that self-renouncing wisdom,learned before..ask now of history’s authentic page…and call up evidence from every age..display with busy and laborious hand,,the blessings of the most indebted..what nation will you find..whose annuals prove so rich an interest in almighty love?…where dwell they now..where dwelt in ancient day..a people planted,watered,blest as they…let Egypt’s plagues,and canaan’s woes proclaim the favours poured upon the name -freedom purchased for them at the cost of all their hand oppressors valued most..for them,the state they left made waste and void..for them,the states to which they went destroyed…a cloud to measure out their march by night a fire to cheer..the moving signal summoning,when best..the dews condensed into Angelic food…theyre garments sacred – old,yet new…and time forbid to touch them as they flew…~Enercia~


~ by turukai on November 11, 2011.

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