Bound In Love

What is this yearning that falls upon my weary soul

Should I realise that infinitely I cannot escape

Sheilded my eyes become lost in the confusion

Of a passion so unyielding so consuming

As each day passes i loose myself in a pseudo reality

Shall I exist within two realms where my heart

Falls in a never ending fuelled desire

In the dark it veils itself upon the sword

Of a love that reality calls is unattainable

For all my insecurities and self doubt

Cast a shadow over the truth that I keep within

Silently upon my breast I hold

The wisdom of my heart

She carries me through this moment

With each beat and holds my breath

So that perhaps in this space of the fallen leaves

You so shall hear

The sounds of my love carried upon the winds

Of even tides

Will my breath upon the coolness of the window pane

Forever cast a lonely shadow

Or will within this requiem of my dream

Your arms seek me

Encircling me upon the warm summer rays

Sweeping me into a never ending circle of love

Desire fallen upon the ground as the autumn leaves

Create a hue of red fuelled love

Upon my skin the trickles of red fall

With each intake of life giving air

So to the blood of my life is release from within

Upon the binding of the soul the words

Falling effortlessly from crimson lips

“Blood of my blood

Bound unto thee

Shall our blood within me course within you “

As the leather bind wound tightly

My heart beat the pain released upon your heart

“Through space and time shall thee be cast,

With each breath shall you be bound

To return upon eons and remember me”

Searing the pain fallen upon bloodied knees

Strong hands within your arms I rise again

The words spoken then as now

A searing dagger through my heart

Shall I remember you now as I remembered then

I have no escape

But for distance keeps me safe upon these shores

For what cruel twist of fate

Should your heart be melded with mine in this way

And above all

Allow my spirit to soar upon the cosmic wave of love

Divinely given

Divinely bound

Forever I am yours as you are mine



~ by turukai on November 16, 2011.

One Response to “Bound In Love”

  1. Words of emotional beauty seemingly carried on the wind,
    creating a breathing life as one repeats them silently in their mind,
    adding fuel when it reaches the heart to send a rush through one’s soul…
    beautiful as always, but then I expect nothing less Turukai for you are very gifted….


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