Entering 13th Matrix of the Divine Hologram

Enter the 13 where heart splits the final realm

Stargate of the divine unified infinitely merged

Connected the voices of the pleadies filter through

The consciousness of the central sun

Activating the sacred geometrical codes within the body

Remember the Lemurian Codes for they have returned

Alcyone returns and embeds deep within your consciousness

Shall your reality determine what you are?

Illusion rules your conscious decisions

Choices made upon a falsely imposed guidelines

Does this path that you walk consumed by other influences

Bind you into your physical realty

Connect to the inner realms of self

And listen to the inner silence that guides your way

Behind closed eyes you connect to the outer self

Faces, words,  swim in a pool of darkness surrounding you

Watch them and hear their thoughts

For they are there as the next portal to your awareness opens

Do the planets align in such a way that silently Neptune Uranus and Saturn Rule your houses

Do you see without your physical eyes into realms beyond realms?

Guided to the answers that sits within your soul

4 brothers that stand beside you taking turns to guide you

Awareness keys are contained within the understanding

That more is required of you at this time

Acceleration point has been reached each cosmic surge that

Ripples through your body as a wave of conscious awareness

The self shall be faced and released

And in your darkness you shall emerge

Pure light.



~ by turukai on November 22, 2011.

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