Ode to Horse Spirit

The coolness of the morning inhaled crisp clear
How this moment of the rising sun cast light upon my heart
Quietly you walk with me

Through each moment you take me
My soul mirrored before me through leather sweat and tears
Each touch upon your muscular frame a word unto your soul

How you carry me through my emotions
Within your eyes my soul reflected
This journey I chose and you chose me

Honoured I am from the gentle nuzzle to the distant whinny
My dear horse I honour you within my heart
Every part of my being released to you to understand

Carry me through my own heart
For all the frustration reflected upon each other
It is I the human that will be the one to carry you through
Trust, honour, and understanding are keys

Let me not be the owner with heavy hand
That postulates your beauty with chains and shackles
Only to bind your soul to my whim
Allow me to be the owner that you teach me

Through my gentle hand and true heart
You will move the mountains in order to be as one with me
Upon the sand ground I learn to feel each motion
And in the breeze that caresses my cheek I shall be free

For it is by you, your heart, your soul I promise
To be the best and honour the soul that chose to be
This is my ode to you
My equine friend




~ by turukai on December 2, 2011.

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