In the Shadows

Within this shadow space I dwell,

Watching from behind closed eyes, I see all,

Where but silence only moulds my senses

The seeing all surveys with a steely gaze

See ye not but for repetitions of your mindless haze

Should not be the glory of your soul

Cast doubt where your ego lays slain

By the power of will that you should embrace

Will these wings that have held you up

Concealed you in your darkest hour

Be gone now upon the bloods moon night

Should you stand upon the foundation

First steps to your own path

Or did you loose the will to fight

Will you loose your self in the repetition

Of constant drivel that like a turning cog

Repeats itself and binds you in darkness

When shall the soul that is yours awaken

To your divine will and move forward through

Into you true self

Hear me when I say that self without ego

Surrendered to the true nature of your soul

Where you love yourself infinitely

Is your divine purpose

The surrounds of your soul

Scramble upon stones of your life

For recognition and glory

Indoctrinated to be all that you can be

Within the boundaries of mortal life

Lost in the 5 senses of your awareness

Close your physical eyes and forget

Surrender up up

To the sounds of cosmic light

That reign down on your soul

Awaken to the inner you

Give not your power away

For the work that we have done wasted

When outside yourself you look

Stand upon the earth and embrace your light

Connect now to the cosmic grid of consciousness

And see your infinite self

The physicality of your existence

Only confined to your perception of self

Release it

Forget it

And become



~ by turukai on December 13, 2011.

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