The Torn Heart

Trickles the essence of you upon my senses

Where my mortality should bind me in chains

Did i foolishly preserve my heart for the final blow

Cast so carelessly bleeding the life of love flows

I never though i’d feel this infinite pain

How I watch you fall away from me lost

Forever bound to the chasms of darkness

Yet I remain upon this cloud of peace and love

Falling now I watch your eyes cast upon me

How sweet the affections velvet kisses placed

Now only the cold realisations you no longer seek me

Should upon the pedestal of ages I sit

Seeking on your heart to fuel my mind my desires

But what desires are sought in a place where they don’t exist

Shall I be the fool that cast my heart carelessly into your hands

To watch you squeeze the innocents from it

Will I be the one that shall scrape the remaining tendrils

Left only withering in my hands and hold them close

To the hole that is now there

O what is this pain that so silently sits upon my mind

A fools quest to desire that falls with no outcome

Only to be cast aside for new blood

A never ending thirst

But I shall remain

I will listen

And I will stand

For the greatest gift unto my self that I shall give

Is the healing of my heart

Forever perhaps I shall wait in a fools paradise

But I will remain

I will love and I am all that I am




~ by turukai on December 13, 2011.

3 Responses to “The Torn Heart”

  1. This was written for a friend for her heart weeps. Much love to you . xxx

  2. as the pieces of my heart falls, drifting into endless sea of lost
    I know I have paid the ultimate cost
    to know love as the other half of a flame
    I just didn’t know the rules of the game
    and now as I sit and ponder , I know I will never be the same again
    for as love is the greatest gift ….with it comes the ultimate pain

    You speak of so much Turukai…I thank you for being you being here…
    You matter…..what a gift you have of showing light in the darkest black abyss…


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