Passionate Fire

A delicious fire sweeps across my soul

To feel the tendrils of your energy touching me

How you entwine yourself around

Deeply casting patterns of love across my heart

Embraced I am within this love boundless in form

Your eyes hold keys to my soul

Seek I should not for eons but within you I dwell

Such is the fury and power of this passion

The courses through my veins

How you draw me in

Hostage I am to this emotion

Where there is only the beating heart that remains

Rested I am within the soul that is weary still

Deeper the feeling sought but to no avail

For what depths can be reached

When already it consumes my very being

Chilling me to the core with every breath

Motions of your body dance across my skin

Wielding passions within me ignited

So come now and immerse yourself upon me

Share with me your wildest thought

Be with me upon the threads of cosmic light

For infinite we are and by your side I am



~ by turukai on December 21, 2011.

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