The Ravens Call Upon My Heart

*This came to me in a dream I woke up with a start and madly wrote in the dark. I am still shocked I can understand what I wrote because most of it was mad scribble. Such is the nature of trying to scramble it all out before the memory of the dream fades. Enjoy its darkness and light for within there is hope. Much love ~Turukai~*

Conquest of Ages I have become

Another fallen upon the pages of Eden

Wound upon your fingers

A tightly bound coil

Release exploding to the abyss

Find you the reasons to let me go

But profoundly affect my mind

Should I be so bold to conclude

That honest truth not your design

Pity the fool I am

For I bound my heart to you

Lost in boundless desire

This was your heart upon my soul

Now I wonder through

The mind field of my mind

Was I the one that cast the final blow

Did upon the whispers of the night

Unto me the Raven call

Telling me of the heart that crys

For mind not my own no more

Another upon the realm of fantasy

How you woon and sway

As I watch your magic ensue

Memories fade that once were mine

Spiralled I am into the cries of what if

Such beauty wonders abound

They say exist within your soul

Yet I stand alone through

This crowd of another forfeit my gaze

Where once I consumed your thoughts

The sqwark of the Raven says

I consume no more

Through the forest of my heart I now dwell

Eons of promises before the mirror I stand

For pity me not the arrow I cast

Testing this emotion within

You stood once in loving embrace

Shall I now embrace my own

Heart that she should weep

Written unto me would it be

With this love I bid fare thee well

This journey is infinite and free

My mind might falter

My heart bleed

Should I find you again

Reaching slowy creeping upon

The Ravens Call

My heart now sits

Silently she prepares a home coming

Beset on all sides with its inevitable fall

Dance you might and laugh you try

But the Ravens Cry shall always

Herald a moment in time

When you were truly mine.




~ by turukai on December 28, 2011.

3 Responses to “The Ravens Call Upon My Heart”

  1. This is one of the most breath taking writings! It took my heart several leaps. Thank-you Turukai!
    Much love Sister

  2. This one speaks…..

    Jack was here

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