Echoes of you fall softly upon my senses

Through the hallowed halls I walk

Fingertips traces the stone walls where

Once you pressed my warmth against them

How silent now my heart she sits beating a calmness

Profound yes quivers at the mere thought of you

Waits upon the night echoes of the wolf that howls

In the dawns early light the Raven she squawks’

Slinking deep into the night the Panther turns her back

How my Eagle soars through endless clouds

As the Dragon silent breaths her fire upon my soul

Where you endlessly consume my thoughts

I ponder the madness that has engulfed my heart

Am I the eternal fool that is now spent upon the stone floor

Or does this loving soul put faith and trust that your love will return

I am a mortal being, with a cosmic soul

I exist within this reality for it is all I know at this time

The darkness is my light and my light my darkness

For between worlds I will eternally dwell

Waiting with unbound faithfulness

For eternally bound I am within you without you

I crawl upon the stone floor and reclaim my right

To my soul

For I Am Infinite, I Am Love, And I Am YOU

As YOU are me


~Turukai 2012~



~ by turukai on January 11, 2012.

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