Pools Of Love

Reflections of my heart dance effortlessly across the pool of love

No longer a tidal wave of emotions that trapped my soul

Light reflected shimmering diamonds in the moonlight

Serene this face that stares back at me

Fortitude of peace now ignites the embers

Of Fiery passion that died out

Still your breath lingers upon my lips

Crimson kisses upon my chest

I am but a soul travelling a journey through her heart

You come and afford her peace and solitude

The intensity and desire that bleeds from within

Forced oppositions scraping deep welts upon tender skin

You of all my love should feel the compounding desire

That affords this night

But alas as I watch the gentle waves lap caressing the edge

Fear strikes my heart

That I should touch the waters of love again

Trusting that I should float upon its peaceful cool charm

Or my touch fiery desire conjure again the tidal wave of confusion

In the midst of this place where the coolness of my charm begot

Endless visions reflected of you upon my eyes

Within my mind you dance in freedom love and joy

Entwining me within your love

And Yet

Reality only holds an uncomfortable silence

Alone upon these shores I sit

Soul shakes within a deep and unyielding ache

Embraced upon you the delicate tendrils of my love

To engulf you should this not be my desire

Consumed upon cosmic rays our souls merged

Divinely guided in loves sweet spiral

Willingly given and in comfort we soar

Alas my love for this is my true desire

The purity of my love that falls upon your heart

Emersed upon the cool waters within the pool of love

Fingertips gently touch and this my heart

Reaches for you



~ by turukai on January 15, 2012.

2 Responses to “Pools Of Love”

  1. Enjoyed your last few posts Mary–

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