A barren scape of emotion swirls about my soul

Winters breath escapes where the warmth of summer prevailed

Should my soul meander through this icy garden

Looking for the first bloom to break through

I a weary traveller her journey almost nigh

Has but this life afforded the comfort sought

What hope is left where only the cold consumes

Alas yet the sun does shine upon this soul

A distant warmth caresses the cool pale skin

Trickling the patterns of love down the inner heart

Falling embers melt away the shards of ice consumed

Igniting the passion within the soul flame

In the spring of my mind as I carry through thought

I choose the platform to which I shall reside

Let it be deep within my heart that I release

A comforting peace that I will prevail

Though weary and forlorn hope springs still

As a whisp of grass breaks through a sea of white

Kissed by the suns first rays

I too shall kiss the sun and be again

To stand within the true love of my heart

Held no more a hostage too a passionate woe

But a passion yielded with comforting resolve

I shall be again



~ by turukai on February 2, 2012.

4 Responses to “Frozen”

  1. What a beautiful poem with a magnificent video. I love!
    I’ve put you blog in the blogs I like in mine.

  2. Beautiful as Always..
    Straight from the heart into the heart


  3. First…thanks for following my blog…I appreciate it and hope you enjoy the trip.

    Second… Thanks for the vid…I am a HUGE Philip Glass fan.

    Be encouraged!

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