Alone I Am Not Forgot


My body trembles a shaking from deep within

Afforded blindness I cannot see

Anxiety wraps its tentacles deep

Knotted and twisted she entwines herself

Watch distant unfeeling I prevail

A cacoon on awareness my only sound

Fear grips my heart but yet I am unresponsive

Casting my inner gaze upon the wave

A wave of light that embeds upon my mind

Golden spirals twisting endlessly bound

Physical form so fragile of late

Sleep still the elusive desire

Comforted only by visions past

Symbols now my only key

For they unlock the portals upon which

My mind in its infancy dwells

Heart to heart is the connection

To this infinite universe

Messages from beyond flood my mind

And yet sleep still eludes me

Torn and twisted are the souls that surround

My ever present wakeful mind

I watch in silence as the tentacles

Of Anxiety twist and rip them apart

Yet I sit unaffected

Realisations months foreseen

This day would dawn

Fickle was the words unto me given

Should I scream my vision

An echo of hope that they should see

Or Hang my head in silent sadness

Succumbed are they to the twisting turns

OF this energy unyielding

On cosmic rays my answers come

Enoch but does smile down

His gaze one of love

Complex he says the guardians awaken

And you my child are not forgot

Again upon my chest his finger presses

Whispers echo upon my ears

Reminding me my beating heart

Inner keys that unlock and behold

The truth hidden from my view

In awe I am of the guided ones

That dwell within my heart

Alone I am not upon this silent realm

Though my eyes are clouded

I still see

Faith unto my soul be given

Sucked through the wormhole

The path has begun

Close is the ones I love I keep

For they unconditionally bind to me

And in a blinding flash of emotion

It is you I and we I see



~ by turukai on February 13, 2012.

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