Endless You

Suspended in motion you captured my soul

Revered you are in my eyes

Surrendered I am by your touch

Where trust sleeps my weeping heart

You have awakened again

Within me a yearning to feel



I but a soul tortured by misguidance

Of love lost and torn

But yet you come

A shining light through the darkest night

Misty is the swirls that surround you

But yet a light upon my eyes you are

How I watch you dance before my very eyes

A smile so captured where my tears fall

Upon my gaze you wrap my heart

With a thread of delicate silk


My heart protected by the softness of you

No longer beating a rhythm of sadness and woe

Should I be but only a grain of sand

You are the ocean that carries me through

Through endless skys I fall

Landing before you

And always you smile and patiently wait

Nothing but love you give

As I journey through this wilderness of life

~Turukai~ 2012


~ by turukai on February 22, 2012.

4 Responses to “Endless You”

  1. This is beautiful…


  2. I love this poem. It is stunning.

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