Falling silently through the clouds

Aware of nothing but my slow breath

Wind rushing caressing my face

Flushed is this feeling

Your fingers entwine around mine

Trepidation awaits

I but a fledgling soul

How you dance around me

Watching with eyes of fire

Melting my inner core

What is it that you see

That mesmerises you so

Before me you stand

In wondrous glory

With every touch

Drawing me in deeper still

Delicious words fall upon my ears

Warming my soul from within

Cosmic Rays dance

Electrical sparks career

Through my mind

Embraced I am by your desire

Every step taken

Draws another step closer

Arms that surround me

Pulling me closer still

Igniting within me fire

Of embers long gone cold

Immersion somehow longed for

Faced head on

But yet, I watch

Every step every move

Waiting to fall silently

Through the clouds once more



~ by turukai on March 1, 2012.

One Response to “Immersion”

  1. so nice..

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