Echos of truth are what you give

Pure and real are the words that flow

From your inner soul

Flowered gardens and fields of green

Are the images that flow through my mind

Peaceful is the peace that sleeps within your heart

Beautiful is the energy that surrounds you

Showered in the glory of love

Timeless if flows

You are the mirror of your mind

Reflected in peace and love



~ by turukai on March 5, 2012.

One Response to “Reflections”

  1. Now my passion,pure it shines,and burns,without restraint were as before was like walking cold corridors of stone a dungeon built within myself seeking a way out love at a distant feeling fading like a flower not touched by the warmth of the sun lying on a bed of sorrow a soul gently wept for someone to hear it’s cries to breathe life back into a spirit whose light was diminishing as the night draws near the moon shining brightly,with every silken caress between two minds a chasm breaks away to open a door within my soul.. how I dread the ascending sun! Neither teach me,nor divert me,I have ears for none but Love,hearing my absurd replies,I have neither art’s fine polish nor the knowledge of the wise,I’m a simple soul,unpolluted by conversing with the great,I have a mind and taste,ill suited to their talking,reading,writing are but talents misapplied,Infants prattle I delight in,nothing human choose… beside Tis the secret fear of making a mistake checks my tongue,or I should say,when I see the Night beginning,I am glad of parting day,Love,this gentle admonition.. whispers soft,within my chest “Choice befits not why condition,acquiescence suits me best”…

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