The Fallen You

Fallen into human Consciousness

Forgotten origins shutters envelope minds eye

Raised within the veil of illusion

Oblivious to the expansive possibility

Of self the infinite one

What fear keeps you from seeing

The truth hidden behind hypnotized eyes

The physical realm of survival cycles

Generation within generation roads travelled

Born to die upon the crust of the earth

Ideas swirl upon the threads

Inventions borne of the 5 senses

So limiting and bound it keeps you here

When the physical mind crosses through

The panic, fear and sadness

Consciousness expands upon the realm of Universal keys

Sixth Sense activated on realisations

Step off the remaining train that is your life

Peek through you minds eye and see

That what you experience upon this earthly plane

Is only but a moment in your whole existence

Back to the ball of infinite consciousness you will return

Where the threads of awareness dwell

Your role as human is to awaken

To see through the illusion

To awaken your 6th sense to the reality

So lost upon the threads of ego do you doubt

The signs shown

Creators of fear and hatred sit so imprinted

On the fragile mind that is your own

Bloody your knees has you postulate begging

For forgiveness you know not what

Cast down from the heavens you say

But chosen to suffer and beg

See thee as eternal light that dwells upon this space

See thee as infinite in awareness that you are

In you I AM you shall stand

But what is this you say

It is but the realisation that you are the infinite

Your are the ball of consciousness

A tiny thread in the vast universe

Alive as the blood that travels through you veins

Remove but one thread and the ball unravels

Fallen to the depths of woe and nothing

So fear not that you are lost

Find the path that is before you

And stand in the I AM



~ by turukai on March 7, 2012.

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