The Call

Across the skies I see a glowing light

Could it be you my love?

The stone wall cold to my touch

Yet, within, a burning fire

Searched I have since

That you would return

Solitary tear falls upon alabaster skin

As the last light of the portal closed

Gone forever you were my love

Turned I did sullen and forlorn

That I could not follow

But yet upon this trembling heart

You return unto me

Upon the cosmic threads I have searched

Waiting for your light

Through countless star systems

And lives

Yet here you stand before me

A vision of radiant light

That you entered through the portal

And called upon my heart to follow

For endlessly you have called

As I have watched

A mirrored reflection of all that you are

Where I surrendered to my barren life

You waited

Fear I feel is cast upon your soul my love

That I should leave again

My heart beats a rhythm in time with yours

Peaceful my slumber

For you have returned unto me

Threads merge again in comfort

My soul rejoicing

For it is you my love



~ by turukai on March 14, 2012.

4 Responses to “The Call”

  1. Mn, very nice!

  2. n every moment
    you are given the opportunity
    to recreate yourself.
    Who you are is as malleable as play dough.
    And you have experiences every day
    that allow you to make choices indicating
    who you are in the moment.

    Who are you being? Are you peace?
    Are you compassion? Are you freedom? Are you happy?
    Are you expressing joy and beauty
    in all that you are and all that you do?

    Or are you angry at some one or some thing?
    Do you feel stuck in your job or a relationship or life itself?
    Do you feel that life would be wonderful if only . . . (you fill in the blank.)
    Are you afraid of anything like war perhaps?

    The Truth is you are a Divine being with Divine qualities,
    part of God, living on planet earth full of its illusion and mistruths.
    Those illusions and mistruths make you forget who you really are.
    They make you feel separate from all things,
    from God, from your Divine Self.

    But, my friend,
    your greatest work is how you live your life every day.
    Your greatest job and often the most challenging one
    is the choice you make in who you are being right now.

    Are you the illusion

    or are you The Truth.

    Are you a person being tossed around by the whims of the Universe

    or are you The Divine creating your reality in every moment,
    ever One with God,
    always with your mind and heart on the greater Truth?

    Are you genuinely compassionate and radiating love or are you merely pretending?

    Are you still angry at your former spouse
    whom you felt did you wrong?
    Are you still angry at yourself
    for that mess you got yourself into
    perhaps financial or romantic in nature?

    Its time to be real – in Truth – on all levels.

    Its time to stop pretending that you are something you are not.

    Its time to stop pretending to yourself and to everyone else.

    Are you afraid? Then admit it. Are you angry?
    Then admit it. Recognizing and acknowledging
    that these things exist and are part of who you are
    is the first step in the process of healing.

    How in touch are you with what you really believe?

    Most people think they believe one thing, but in truth,
    they believe another. Why is that? Because most people think
    their beliefs are what they understand with their logical mind.

    But when I say, “What do you believe?”
    I’m talking about what beliefs, or fears, or judgments
    do you hold that are running your life.
    Those patterns that continually run on automatic pilot
    that cause such havoc – the ones most people do not even look at.

    You affirm wellness, yet you remain sick.
    What do you truly believe that is causing that to be so?

    You affirm affluence and abundance, yet remain in financial struggle. What do you truly believe that is causing that to be so?

    You affirm that you want, are ready for, and are worthy of love,
    yet you don’t have an intimate relationship.
    What do you really believe that is causing that to be so?

    You affirm that you are Peace,
    yet certain people or situations really set you off,
    make you angry, or cause you to react or to judge them as wrong.
    Take a look at your judgment of the rightness
    or wrongness of the war for example.

    We say, as Lightworkers,
    that there is no right or wrong or good or bad.
    We say that “God Is” and there is nothing else.
    So every person, place, and thing on planet earth
    and the entire known and unknown universe is part of God.
    We say there is perfection and Divine timing in all things.
    Yet, often, we view world events as wrong.

    These are my definitions of the words
    “to understand” and “to know.”
    To understand something means to comprehend
    it with the logical mind.
    To know something to truly believe it – is to understand it,
    not just with the logical mind,
    but with every part of your being body, mind, and soul.
    What you “know” is what your true beliefs are.

    If your physical body, your emotional body, your mental body,
    your spiritual body, and any other bodies I’m not even aware of
    that make up who you are aren’t lined up in agreement about what you believe, then what you think you believe
    with the logical mind will NOT prevail.

    Realizing what your current truth is allows you to change your current truth. Truth is as you define it. And your job is to discover your truth about everything and change those truths you hold that are no longer serving you. You have to discover the truths that are illusion and replace them with the big Truth the Divine Truth the Truth that keeps you ever connected to God.

    Its easy, in the moment, to discover what your mind believes. Just observe what you are thinking. And its also quite easy to discover what is happening in the emotional body. How do you feel?
    That’s a pretty easy question to answer.

    But the physical body and the subconscious mind are trickier to get in touch with. Sometimes the easiest way to discover what they believe is to begin a dialogue with them almost like they are separate from you. I have found journaling very beneficial. The easiest time to seek The Truth is while you are in the middle of something whether it be an upset, an argument, or whatever. The stronger the emotions, the easier it is to get to the root cause of them.

    So, while you are in the middle of it, or just after something that upset you has occurred, sit down with yourself and ask some questions. I define something that upset you as anything that takes you away from feeling centered and balanced or not in joy.

    Once you uncover an underlying fear, or belief,
    or judgment, be sure to ask the all important question:
    “Where did I first take on this false belief,
    this fear, or this judgment?”
    When you know the event and circumstance
    that anchored in this belief,
    then you have easy access to its transmutation
    and complete healing.

    We are all being asked to “stand up and be counted.”
    If we are the Light of the world,
    then that light needs to be clear of any false beliefs.
    Its time to shine light on your own illusions dissolving forever
    their negative influence in your life.

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