The Mindlessness of Existance

We have a propensity to create what we are

The realisations are an endless fractal of creation

Sadly we have become a prothesis to our own physical manifestations

Loosing the gift of one with the Gaia consciousness/ Goddess

Reserved only for the Shamans who have unlocked the keys

Revered in her beauty for they listen and honour her,

True consciousness does not involve the physical mind

It is a state of being, when physical form is released

No longer a need for perfection or social status

But to exist within the perfection of oneself

Honouring those things surrounding and nurturing


We are a manifestation of the world of minds

Let go of the mind and free the body

We would realise we are infinite

Lives conditioned into a false sense of belief

Minds conditioned into a mind numbing projection of images

Constantly bombarded with hard facts, non which hold truth

A society based on control, fear and motivation,

Loosing the love for the fellow man

Hunkered down in concrete bunkers we wallow in self pity

Of what one does not have but should.

Rely on the masses projecting our physical manifestations

Advisory councils predict Gaia and her every next move.

Fascinating this world we have built

A matrix of lies and deceit

Shed the clothes upon your skin and see that you are more

Than a shell in this reality

What you chose is you are infinite, a light among lights.

All Shamans by divine right

For you have the keys within you



~ by turukai on May 2, 2012.

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