The Dance of Words

Swirling on currents of thought

Words float before me,

Threads weave and tighten

The inner core of my mind,

How they expand upon the stem

Of my consciousness blooming,

A delicate flower at the tip of my tongue,

Fingers electrically charged

Upon the keys they dance,

To the sounds of sweet serenade’s

The flower blooms ,

As the words fall like autumn leaves

Arranging in a flow like no other,

Should I stop? I cannot!

For the channel should be broken,

Continue I do,  unaware,

Until I feel the rush

Slowly come to an end,

A sweet embrace of a lovers touch

Still lingering in sweet intoxication,

I feel the flower close,

The threads release,

The inner core of my mind expands

My consciousness returns again

To the Swirling currents of thought

Waiting for the threads to tighten

And my fingers to dance again



~ by turukai on May 7, 2012.

2 Responses to “The Dance of Words”

  1. Love your words.

    • Thank you Eros, even if my words touch one person, then my purpose has been fulfilled….. that is the nature of a shadow weaver

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