Falling through space and time

Should I crumble should I wither

Where my heart sleeps it does not care for this world

I am but I am that which flows in unity and love

But yet my path has strayed upon the desolate wasteland

Would I find the strength within to carry me forward

But yet frozen I sit watching my world crumble and fall

Nothing would hold my heart but love

Yet the love I seek exists not before me yet within

Did I fail to see the messages that presented themselves

So many questions but no answers to be found

Constricted thoughts, cascading emotions,

Pieces scattered upon the ground

Shards of what was once, exists no more

A winter solstice that holds no comfort in these cold hands

Should I be taken in this very moment

Such peace and comfort be found

But upon these bleeding scars

The life inside of me beats to a rhythm I am no longer familiar

Rage fraught with streaming tears and a beating heart

The only comfort that I should seek right now

What sight should be given taken with a tainted word

That I should not be strong enough to cope

A wilting flower falling deeper inside lost

From all that knew

Raised up by helping hands only to fall again

My own failings heavy on my mind

Trapped in a self made box



~ by turukai on August 31, 2012.

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