Shadows fall on whispers that cloud my mind

Stars enclose and illuminate  emotions of my world

Am I just whispers upon rustling leaves

The wind that carries my soul

What new paths open my expanding mind

A kaliadascope of winding roads

Energies entwined merged

Shallow be some and deep others

Who is the masculine that should

Shed upon his tears and reveal his weeping heart

 Distant will he hold me but yet close he shall keep me

When I stand upon the edge of my very soul

I see a new world emerge

One in balance light and dark

Paths travelled brought together

Moonlight carries me forward

I am but a Shadow within the earthly realm

Take what will from words that fall

Parted lips they speak

Of times lost and times to remember

I am the light

I am the dark

Within your eyes I shine

 A glimmer of what could be



~ by turukai on May 12, 2013.

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