Silver An Awakening

Ice n fire

Silver threads that weave their way upon delicate wrists

Tighten they entwine a pattern of thought

Desires hidden behind the closed doors of a persona

Questions pervade a clever ruse to the truth

Softly melding into the currents of desire

Faced with the secret pleasure of what is

Tenderly touching upon a forbidden fruit

How luscious its seeping flesh exudes a moment

Bursting with unspoken words

Clouded the game begins

The eternal performer set free by thought

Eternal the puppet bound by her own will

What rivers should she weep

How he might revere her upon his silent thought

Yet the endless play wave upon wave





Dared not he touch to loose what he might had

Closed her mouth

Dared she not speak of thoughts that crossed her

An Elemental mind she should flow on a thread

Bound and Divine




Tears that fall

Eyes  revered so tenderly

And yet

So Mercilessly Taken

Heaving breaths collapsed upon

A bed of tender touch

Words whispered

Brought back into the physical realm

A delicate flower now

Blooming in the warmth of the sun

Higher than the highest peak

Soaring she emerges

A light unlike any other

She is reborn



~ by turukai on May 13, 2013.

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