Sand swirls like the tendrils of a waterfall

Cascading between parted fingers



Pooling in the deepest caverns of my heart

Upon the precipice of my mind I journeyed

Through the cosmic myre of Orion

Within its darkness Sirius so far away

Standing one look forward one back

What human mind should create the Shadow Walker

Disguise her as the Raven

For her hand held glistening talons

The rustle of her iridescent wings


Only the shadow of the night


Appears in the deepest tinted moonlit glow

How our minds fool creates images of comprehension

And yet still images come

Falling down like the guilded sand that glistens

Golden in the sun as it falls


Stars illuminate so bright

Steps taken like the child upon the first walking

The Shadow Walker begins

No longer eyes that see the light of day

Turning up lids closed to the sun they peer

If opened eyes revealed white is what the Mortal

Carriers of Earthly wanderings would see

Evil they whisper

What evil exists in and ancient art

Lovers infinitely united

Sealed upon cosmic rays of universal light

Doors of perception opened

A matrix gridded lines they stretch

Far from my minds eye

In the midst of it all a form

Tall shall it speak shall it remain silent

Familiar the clench I see the talons

Rustle the feathers I hear the sound

Speak not the whispered rasped clicking

Swirling bounds that bind tightly

Where upon this threaded line of thought

Wandering endlessly spiralling out of control


Captured seen a fledgling by Orions Gate

Why did I choose this path

Sirius so far away,

Home for thee I shall call



~ by turukai on June 25, 2013.

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