“Mine!” He whispers

Softly it falls from his lips

In a slow long drawn out whisper

Binds hold me tightly

My eyes closed by the silken fold

Cold is the floor upon my knees

Anticipation my ridgid body awaits

Nothing but to Please the will of my Sir

Nothing but the sweet delight of whats next

Pain the release to the pleasure held back

Everythought exhilerated by denial

Parted lips breath escapes

Wrapped around my flesh a sting

Replaced caring hands sooth the fire

Igniting another flame within

Endless this ride controlled

Giving caring yet relentless

A glint of an eye , a sly smile

Melts the very core of my soul

Stripped bare before him

But in my vulnerability

I am his

And he gracious of the gift

As the collar gentle upon my neck

Reflect in his eyes.

“Mine!” He Whispers

And my Soul Soars



~ by turukai on December 12, 2013.

3 Responses to “Mine”

  1. Reblogged this on Thomassonjeanmicl's Blog.

  2. Quel magnifique poème! Il exprime toute la féminité et la sensualité de la soumission où le respect est la marque de l’amour. Merci pour ce partage Turukai.

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