The Revel

take me higher

Shadows fall skin alive

Glistening light like droplets

Faded comfort in a darkness

Only through closed eyelids

Does the endless wave eb


Annihilate my senses

Taken, Stirred , re calibrated

Twisted rays of sight fall

Should I open my eyes

Should I let go

Swirling these currents of desire

My soul soars

Only to be ignited by your touch

Through valleys of darkness

My shadow walks

Guild ed lights of gold surround

Surreal this feeling

Balanced on the fine edge

Reality sleeps

Consciousness expands

What I give sets alight

A flame within you

Set forth this path of passion

I see you

Deep within the darkness

Sight taken, the binds tight

Yet my breath takes you higher


Am I

Unbound your release

What rises

Claws, gnashing teeth


The lion within

O help me Mother

For the one I have awakened

Within my wildest dreams

He comes

The slow steady beat of passion

Snarling teeth bared

Yet I see his soul vulnerable

Claws plunge deep within me

 I am alive

Breathing, awake , set free

In that moment I see all

Deep are the claws that rake my skin

Yet delicate is the touch

Making me climb higher

You are the Light The Dark

Encompassed into one being

And I the catalyst

Finally shedding my skin

A new reborn

I am within you without you

Fire, Flame , Desire , alive

Merged on a consiousness

Beyond Time Beyond Space

We are one


What was

What is

What is yet to come

I have found you



~ by turukai on December 22, 2014.

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