Time is Done

Time shall not erase what you meant
Nor the freedom you gave me
On the currents of a silver cloud
You helped me spread my wings
You awakened my inner core
And healed the chasm of my heart
Showed me a different way
Helped me reconnect
Your job my love is done
Set me free into the night I fly
On silver tipped wings
Iridescent and gold they shimmer
For I am the night that comes
I am the light that kissed your soul
Fear not for I am never gone
But I am free above the whispering tides
The choices you make now are for you
Remember the love not the pain
There is no punishment to give
Only fondness of a time shared
Let go, let go she whispers
Be free and fly
Return inside your soul and embrace
Your being
Never forgotten eternally loved
But our time is done



~ by turukai on January 2, 2015.

One Response to “Time is Done”

  1. Glad to see you again 🙂
    This is beautiful….such a graceful flow of energy in its release of what was…
    You seem to be moving in a really good direction these days….
    I’m happy for you …..
    I hope your New Year was everything you wanted and more as i know you have yet to feel the Best there is to Be in your world….
    Take Care Turi….You Matter…much
    just me

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