Dancing on the Wind


What is this field that upon my feet tread
Softly spoken the wind tenderly caresses
Silent unseen only the soft tips of luscious fingers
Infinitely caress delicate hairs upon my cheeks
Only the rustle of the leaves beguile its presence
Unseen she meanders swirling twirling dancing
In and around the trees she folds herself

Ah but she in her gentle flow swirls liquidiously
Through over under wrapping herself around
My infinite soul
As the tender gentle caress of my dear lover

Woven is he deep within my heart
Unseen is the forces that have bound us together
Through time and space upon eons of time
Deep in the depths of the most secret of caverns
My love you cemented your soul unto me

As the wind she dances merrily upon the glade
Of this ancient forest I stand before
Ancient the trees and solid the boughs
So indeed is the love that caresses my soul

Ancient by design that which cannot be explained
But the keys to the soul contained within
Opened my heart and filled my inner core
Profound this happiness that dwells within me

O my love I beseech unto the wind in endless twirls
A love that pours from the very depths of my soul
I am indeed yours upon which thine eyes cast themselves
Alive my senses shrilling with internal happiness

As the wind mighty she is dances upon the glades
Coursing a heavy sigh upon fine soft fabric
Exposing the soft feminine curves
Desperately waiting the return of her love

Tenderly reaching out my fingers dance
Playing an endless game as the wind should
Caress my fingers and in that moment
I close my eyes

My love you appear.



~ by turukai on February 21, 2015.

2 Responses to “Dancing on the Wind”

  1. 🙂 Robin’s Faery’s are always whispering

    what a beautiful woven story of love whispered on the wind…
    I like your poem very much
    Thank you for sharing you and you words, they have been missed My Friend
    Take care…You Matter…

  2. Thank you Maryrose you always inspire and embrace, much love my dear friend xxx

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