About Me

Born on the 13th September, I am a catalyst of change.

My Writtings are a journey through my soul my desires my weaknesses my hopes my dreams.

Where they lead even I am unsure when the words start to flow.

I can only liken it to playing they keys of a piano and the music springs forth as the keys are played.


I walk in the path of light,
Many lifetimes remembered
Priestess through eons of time
Warrior priestess on the back of dragons
Between the worlds I walk
Spirit speaks through my heart
Eagle Spirit soars above me
Great Mother Great Father speak to me
Angels of high patiently wait
Turukai Divine Flower
For all the years she walked this earth
The past calls to her
Rememberence is her key
Releasing past Karmic memories
Waiting to walk upon Great Mother
And spread her light
For she is one but many
Set forth to be the ripple of light

I am eclectic in my tastes in music, art, and books

So come for a journey with me through my writtings and see what you discover.

May the Grace of the Light Shine within you.



12 Responses to “About Me”


  2. Ahhhhh, so there you are…. 🙂

    Much love.

  3. I wish you a happy and wonderful new year 2012 and love!

  4. “May the Grace of Light Shine Within you”. I like this! Glad to come across your blog.. 🙂

    Kind regards,

    Subhan Zein

  5. I wish you a wonderful year 2013 and the highest love and spirituality. Kisses!

  6. Thanks for directing me to your blog…now I see what you mean by ‘spiritual’. My irish grandmother was said to have the ‘gift’. You have a beautiful soul and this helps me know you a little better.

  7. I miss you Turukai! My new email is igloaj@gmail.com You are special!

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