Layed Bare

•June 30, 2013 • 3 Comments


Layed bare I fall at your feet
Shackles bind my body
But not my heart
You are the wielder of my passion
The conductor of my desire
At your feet I sit
The chains a comfort
In your eyes my reflection
Of everthing I should
and would be
Gentle is the way you guide
Fierce is the way you direct
Each goosebump that flashes
Across delicate skin
Flushed red with desire
I am the instrument
At your fingertips
The Object
My will in tact
I am yours
In your words
Your touch
I am free




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Sand swirls like the tendrils of a waterfall

Cascading between parted fingers



Pooling in the deepest caverns of my heart

Upon the precipice of my mind I journeyed

Through the cosmic myre of Orion

Within its darkness Sirius so far away

Standing one look forward one back

What human mind should create the Shadow Walker

Disguise her as the Raven

For her hand held glistening talons

The rustle of her iridescent wings


Only the shadow of the night


Appears in the deepest tinted moonlit glow

How our minds fool creates images of comprehension

And yet still images come

Falling down like the guilded sand that glistens

Golden in the sun as it falls


Stars illuminate so bright

Steps taken like the child upon the first walking

The Shadow Walker begins

No longer eyes that see the light of day

Turning up lids closed to the sun they peer

If opened eyes revealed white is what the Mortal

Carriers of Earthly wanderings would see

Evil they whisper

What evil exists in and ancient art

Lovers infinitely united

Sealed upon cosmic rays of universal light

Doors of perception opened

A matrix gridded lines they stretch

Far from my minds eye

In the midst of it all a form

Tall shall it speak shall it remain silent

Familiar the clench I see the talons

Rustle the feathers I hear the sound

Speak not the whispered rasped clicking

Swirling bounds that bind tightly

Where upon this threaded line of thought

Wandering endlessly spiralling out of control


Captured seen a fledgling by Orions Gate

Why did I choose this path

Sirius so far away,

Home for thee I shall call



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Perched upon thoughts of time and space

A heart now etched with a mind so clear

Sweet the moments that takes the mind away

Through all mortal thought hide no longer

For the hidden words spoke truths

Comfort found to understand

In the loves saught no more

Over times lost and moments stolen seen

That hearts melded cannot be broken

Only human fear keeps hearts at bay

So intricately placed upon earthly desires

Souls bound by lore unknown

Till passing time grants only one wish

To look upon the eyes that captured the soul

Willingly fallen within the bounds of a heart so pure

Only matched by the divine touch of light

Paths well trodden through all manifestations of life

Silently follows where hearts desire flows

Only words etched deep within the soul

Secretly reveal the truths of untold wisdom

How feet now stand solid in resolve

Knowing the winds of time have already started to blow

Surrendered to the ones who hold so closely

Searching ended for what is already there

No search remains for the one already found

Peaceful the sounds of silence that ended the tormented woe

In the distant quiet curls around the precious heart found

Only the warmth of the fire that lights the face

A Monalisa smile etched upon curved lips

How sweet the peace of silence now waits

For there is no other that could shift what was found

Turukai 2011




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Glistening Embers of light fall

Upon cheeks turned to the sun

Soft caress gentle as a breeze

Sweet the touch a lovers kiss

Shielded hearts they the ruse

Laws of old they spill

Upon the rock of ages

Of loves torn lust

Eternal Mirrors they walk

Should the reflection

Of the guilded sun

Reign down upon me

Warming the inner core

Creating a peace that only

Shields me from past life torn

Gold is the Shimmering light

Swirling the currents

They twist and turn

Enclosing me within

Expansion the key

Hands taken


Within you I live



Soul Walking

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Mirror of my Soul

Never forgotten though our paths travel a different road

Not a day goes by that I do not feel

Own Roads Chosen, forever felt , remembered , revered

If only comfort could be sought in friendship

a choice accepted

enclosed in the reaching hand that extends itself

Until then

The path I walk remains within the same shadows

Ever changing as moon follows the sun,

One to sleep in the silent illuminated darkness

The other basking in the warmth of the daylight

Watching wondering waiting

What you see is no longer clear

Though you have traveled far from me and cut threads

They are never gone

For the other half of your soul shall always remain

Upon the gridded template within the Star Temple

I shall be before you again

You will then remember

Know that I never left your side

I let you shine


Silver An Awakening

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Ice n fire

Silver threads that weave their way upon delicate wrists

Tighten they entwine a pattern of thought

Desires hidden behind the closed doors of a persona

Questions pervade a clever ruse to the truth

Softly melding into the currents of desire

Faced with the secret pleasure of what is

Tenderly touching upon a forbidden fruit

How luscious its seeping flesh exudes a moment

Bursting with unspoken words

Clouded the game begins

The eternal performer set free by thought

Eternal the puppet bound by her own will

What rivers should she weep

How he might revere her upon his silent thought

Yet the endless play wave upon wave





Dared not he touch to loose what he might had

Closed her mouth

Dared she not speak of thoughts that crossed her

An Elemental mind she should flow on a thread

Bound and Divine




Tears that fall

Eyes  revered so tenderly

And yet

So Mercilessly Taken

Heaving breaths collapsed upon

A bed of tender touch

Words whispered

Brought back into the physical realm

A delicate flower now

Blooming in the warmth of the sun

Higher than the highest peak

Soaring she emerges

A light unlike any other

She is reborn



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Shadows fall on whispers that cloud my mind

Stars enclose and illuminate  emotions of my world

Am I just whispers upon rustling leaves

The wind that carries my soul

What new paths open my expanding mind

A kaliadascope of winding roads

Energies entwined merged

Shallow be some and deep others

Who is the masculine that should

Shed upon his tears and reveal his weeping heart

 Distant will he hold me but yet close he shall keep me

When I stand upon the edge of my very soul

I see a new world emerge

One in balance light and dark

Paths travelled brought together

Moonlight carries me forward

I am but a Shadow within the earthly realm

Take what will from words that fall

Parted lips they speak

Of times lost and times to remember

I am the light

I am the dark

Within your eyes I shine

 A glimmer of what could be